Philip Morris: Hypocrisy At Its Worst

March 19, 2014 posted by Len B.

In 2005, Philip Morris International (PMI) entered into an agreement to purchase Sampoerna, the third largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia:

“This is an excellent development for our shareholders and employees,” said Sampoerna President Commissioner Putera Sampoerna. “PMI is well known as a successful and responsible manufacturer and marketer of quality tobacco products.”

And, on Philip Morris USA’s website I found the following quote:

“We support a variety of programs and initiatives to help reduce underage access to tobacco products, fund organizations that provide kids with the support they need to make healthy decisions, and support the development of tools for parents to help them raise kids who don’t use any tobacco products.”

Philip Morris would appear to be totally committed to manufacturing and marketing its tobacco products responsibly, actively striving to prevent children from becoming addicted to cigarettes at an early age. With that in mind, please take a moment to view the following HBO video which first aired in May of 2013:

Apparently, Philip Morris International is only as responsible as local laws and customs regarding sales of tobacco products to children are concerned. Since Indonesia’s government turns its back on the health and well-being of its citizens, Philip Morris sees a huge opportunity to make billions of dollars while shortening the lives of millions of Indonesians. Where is the world outrage?

According to Wikipedia online, “USD $43 billion in International Monetary Fund (IMF) aid in 2004 was sent as foreign aid to Indonesia, and this assistance has traditionally been an important part of the central government’s budget.”

Historically, the US and other civilized nations have been known to withhold or reduce aid to those countries that fail to treat its citizens equally and civilly – especially when it comes to their children and minorities. So why does the US and others continue to send aid to Indonesia when its government does nothing to protect its children against the greedy claws of conglomerates like Philip Morris?

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