Staying Quit

June 1, 2011 posted by Len B.

Sometimes people may claim that quitting smoking isn’t really a big deal. They say it when they have stopped for awhile, maybe even just a day. But it’s not smoking consistently and forever that’s the real meaning behind quitting smoking.

Knowing how quitting can benefit you is a strong reason to stay quit. The longer you remain smoke-free, the longer you will benefit from not smoking. Even not smoking for 20 minutes, your blood pressure will return to normal.

Over the course of time following your quit, chances are that you’ll be tempted to smoke again because you once knew how “good” it felt to smoke. Your nicotine may be long gone from your body. You do not have physical addiction to cigarettes anymore, but the psychological and habitual addictions may remain for many years to come.

What ideas do you have to remind yourself how bad smoking was for you? What have you done that might help others who are trying to ward off the nicotine demon?

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  1. Gary Says:

    I remind myself how much better my health is now that I’m smoke free and that reinforceses my will to stay quit. I also have so much more money in my pocket!

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